Health Care Domain


PCS Global is helping some of the biggest names in the healthcare space stay at the forefront of their business by delivering solutions and innovations that matter. Our aggressive investments in the latest technologies focus on accelerating compliance, and ability to build the systems needed to drive new business models, is helping customers derive long-term value and differentiate themselves amongst peers.

Creating domain excellence through comprehensive domain programs, including a dedicated university and R&D teams, enables PCS to make direct and positive impact to our customer?s business.

Our teams of functional and technical analysts and consultants are focused on identifying future trends and developing solutions and frameworks to help clients adopt and respond quickly to these trends.

Our services spans across a wide spectrum of business environments for Payers, Providers and Life Science industries. From enabling clinician mobility through PDAs, to building solutions around the convergence of Banking, Retail and Healthcare insurance to assisting drug manufacturers in launching new drugs quickly with clinical data management solutions. PCS has hands on experience in evolving business processes and promote efficiencies for our clients.