HR Counsellor

In the present highly complex environment, HR counselling has become very important responsibility of HR managers as counselling plays vital role in different aspects of managing human resources like career planning and development, performance management, stress management, and other areas which may affect employees emotionally. Counselling has very wide application both within and without organizational context.

Need for Employee Counselling:

Employees undergo tremendous stress of completing the targets, work-load, meeting deadlines, relations with subordinates or colleagues, work-life balance, lack of time and higher responsibility.

Therefore, following are some of the reasons as to why there should be counselling at work places:

1. There is a need for the employees to come out from the problems, gives a new way to deal with the problems.

2. The employees need to know as to how much the employer care for the employee.

3. There is also a need to identify the work related problems and the poor performance.

4. There is a need to increase the productivity of employee and the confidence about the work.

Designation:-HR Counsellor

Qualification:- Any Normal Graduate,BBA,MBA,PGDM,PGDE,PGDBM

Skill Set Required:-Microsoftoffice,Social Media Marketing

Job Location:-Kolkata,Bengaluru,Jordan,USA

Experience:- 0 to 5 Years